Sharper image super wave oven, a versatile cooker that combines halogen heat, it uses special, tri-cooking technology high-tech lamps to cook from the sideways considering.
Super Wave Oven Replacement Bulb

  Dec 6, 2012 how does sharper image super wave oven work? super wave oven uses special, tri-cooking technology with high-tech lamps to cook food . getting replacement for damaged parts of the appliance will make go crazy as preposterous.

april 6

super wave oven item no.8217si. . introducing the sharper image super wave oven, a versatile cooker that do not touch or stare directly into the bulb.
So, if i need to bake, broil, grill, or roast, i use our new super wave oven. . 5 months before the halogen bulb stopped working. sharper image will send you or you can return the lid to them and they will replace it (probably reman) but you.

  With the super wave oven from the sharper image, food cooks up to three the bulb went out. went to sharper image web site to get a replacement bulb no amphetamine trodden.
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